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About Us

 We design the best running, best-looking ceiling Luxury fans around. And around and around.


At Oltao Luxury Fan, we think of ceiling fans in the same way as many people think of art. When you decorate your walls and choose the best materials in the world for flooring, why not give your ceiling the same consideration? After all it’s the first thing you will see when you open your eyes. Beautiful Chandelier fan can brighten up a room and become a statement decorative element that will have all your guests looking up in awe. 

We believe that an exquisite concoction of technology and beauty can bring about evolutionary innovation. A customer only truly embraces change through the enlightening experience of premium quality products that can walk the talk. We recognize that and imbibe that value in everything we do especially so when crafting our range of luxury fans.

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Our Team


Mehul Soni



Azeem Germanwala

Operations Manager


G Bhuvaneshwari

Customer Service Executive


oltao chandelier
oltao chandelier
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